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Lauren Egdahl is a chef and nutritionist based in Denver, Colorado. As the daughter of two chefs, Lauren made a name for herself as the head chef of Comparti Catering in NYC. Her background in nutrition has influenced her cooking style -she loves to use local fresh and nutritious ingredients and loves to see guests enjoying her food. A former Buff, Lauren has returned to Colorado to continue to share her talent with her adopted home. 

Lauren has been featured on NY food blogs such as Eventmates and Atelier Dore, has worked as a food stylist at NBC and was the featured chef in the exclusive Spring Street Social Society dinner series in Manhattan. She a proponent of all things wellness and is known for her balanced, innovative and exciting dishes.


Adrian Gooden is an Australian event producer. After working in Australia, Africa and the Middle East, he has taken his party throwing skills to sunny Colorado. He is a student of the New York fine dining scene and creating memorable and unique events is what he does best. He is passionate about providing high quality service in a relaxed atmosphere, and this is reflected at all agoodegg events.

Lauren and Adrian met serendipitously in Quebec City over a meal of poutine in 2014. They married in April 2018 and have moved to Denver to start agoodegg (and a family).


Our goal is to share our love of food with you. We don’t use set menus, instead, we consult with you to develop a unique menu which accommodates your taste and budget. We strive to source all of our seasonal ingredients from local suppliers and farmers markets and use only the freshest and yummiest produce.

We aren’t a stuffy old catering service; we bring a world class dining experience into your space to help you create an exciting and memorable event.

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